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Siasun Intelligent Manufacturing Public Service Platform Project. The project address is located in Zhandong and north of Zhanqian Street in Qingzhou City. It covers an area of 300 acres and has a total construction area of 100,000 square meters. Among them, 40,000 square meters of workshops and office buildings have been built in the first phase. And 6000 square meters of research and development building. The project mainly provides manufacturing enterprises with one-stop services such as integrated intelligent manufacturing solutions, joint research and development of key common technologies, talent training, equipment financing lease, typical case display experience, intelligent manufacturing policy and technical information consulting, etc., and become a one-stop service covering the whole province. The large-scale intelligent manufacturing exhibition center, the new and old kinetic energy conversion benchmark project, the intelligent manufacturing industry "5S" shop. On July 9, 2020, Shenyang Sinsong Robotics and Qingzhou Municipal People's Government signed a strategic cooperation agreement to build an RV reducer production base in Qingzhou. This project belongs to the high-end equipment industry and intelligent manufacturing industry.

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  • Innovation Team

    More than 3000 innovative R&D team

    Technical R&D personnel account for more than 75% of all employees

    Academician and PhD as the core national innovation team

    The output rate of innovative products and systems is over...

  • Core technologies

    Robots, a new generation of industrial robots

    Artificial intelligence, AR/VR technology, environment perception technology, force touch technology IoT, M2M, data transmission, network security

    Big data, data collection and...

  • Innovation platform

    ·National-level innovation platform National important research topics and innovation

    ·The public-level innovation platform integrates outstanding innovation resources from all walks of life.

    ·Enterprise-level innovation...

  • Innovative layout

    ·Canadian Service Center in North America · American R&D Center in North America

    ·Mexico Service Center in North America · European R&D Center

    ·Asia Pacific Singapore Service Center · Asia Pacific Japan R&D Center


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